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Introducing a platform for everyone - where values like privacy and security are fully preserved. Where customers, creators and business have an affordable and safe way to freely meet and share value. This is digital asset freedom!

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Retail & Small Businesses

Businesses will gain access to new revenue streams and capacity for new payment methods including cryptocurrencies and digital wallets by using Box4Good and Pay4Good.

Consumers can use a wide variety of payment methods, like Wallet4Good, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. All interactions with the box are completely safe and touchless by scanning a QR code.

Artists & Collectors

Artists and creators can mint their creations as digital assets (DAFs) directly within Wallet4Good. On our platform, your work is fully encrypted and protected from plagiarism or counterfeiting. As a bonus, you maintain commission each time your asset is sold, even after it’s left your wallet.

As a collector, you can have full confidence that what you’re buying is authentic. Assets cannot be reproduced, replicated, manipulated, or monetized without the creator’s consent. On Dept. of Good, you can view your own collection or make purchases in virtual reality galleries.

SMEs & Brands

Add a wide selection of new instant payment methods to your online shopping or retail experience with Pay4Good and Box4Good. Create new experiences with Dept. of Good that bridge physical products with digital interactions using virtual reality.

Create an immutable digital story for your product. Track its origin and authenticity from its conception to the end-user, and beyond.


You're full of possibilities! Access a growing digital economy of products and services all around the world. Designed to be simple and secure. It’s free to join and works with all devices – everyone is welcome!

Turn yourself into a successful digital artist with full protection of your creations. Empower your business or SME with frictionless payment options, mint and enjoy content with a Box4Good. Be prepared because lot more is about to come!