Get Started with Dept. of Good

Step 1: Download ID4Good

Create a secure and private identity which is used to authenticate all services within the Xodus4Good technology platform.

We do not collect, track, or monitor any personal data, click to learn more.

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Step 2: Open Wallet4Good

A powerful digital asset management wallet for your crypto, tokens, NFTs and more. Use it to view your balances, transfer funds, and pay at retail.

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Step 3: Add Value to your Wallet

Buy Token4Good US directly from your Wallet and start minting!

What is Token4Good?

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Step 4: Create a Digital Asset

Go to More Assets in your Wallet. Scroll to the bottom and select Create Digital Asset. Fill out the fields and start minting!

How are DAFs different than NFTs?

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Step 5: Publish to Dept. of Good

Click the Sell icon in your Wallet next to your new Digital Asset and choose the option to Publish to Dept. of Good

Is my data secure?

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Step 6: Open Dept. of Good

Use ID4Good to login to Dept. of Good and view your published assets.

Create collections, previews, and virtual spaces that are private or public.

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