The most versatile payment processing platform. Supports a growing network of cryptos, tokens, and digital wallets.

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Modern Digital Payment Processing & Beyond

We strongly believe that you have a right to protect your identity and data - that's why we won't collect your personal information when you join.


Built for Everyone

Integrated into online and physical experiences

Pay4Good presents you with the most ideal payment options - select what works for you!

Low Risk Crypto

Accept new tokens and crypto without the volatility - Pay4Good lets you charge in your preferred currency while your customer uses what works for them.

Pay in Retail Location

Pay4Good powers all payments made through our Box4Good devices.

By scanning the QR code on Box4Good, customers are brought directly to Pay4Good where they can pick the payment option that works for them.

Integrate Pay4Good Anywhere

Pay4Good can be leveraged through an API anywhere you take payments - online shopping, invoices, donations, & more. Interested in integrating into your platform?

Reimagining Everything

Xodus4Good is the technology to empower everyone.

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