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Private and Secure Digital Identity

We strongly believe that you have a right to protect your identity and data.
That's why we won't collect your personal information when you join.


Touchless Payments

Make payments by scanning a QR code

ID4Good is the only way to authorize payment transactions from your Wallet4Good. It's free to download!

Completely Private

When you create your identity, we won't ask for any personal information and your identity will be stored in a private blockchain.

ID4Good is a decentralized app (dApp) used to create private and secure identities for accessing other services like Wallet4Good. ID4Good requires zero personal information to join, and all data is stored locally. All identities created on ID4Good are stored in a secure blockchain which is used to validate all transactions. Authorizing transactions, logging into services, and more is possible through QR codes, NFC, and more.

ID4Good acts as authenticator and authorizer with the power to maintain different profiles associated with the same identity. Recovering an ID4Good account is only possible using the locally generated recovery file from the dApp. It is impossible to recover an account without this information as there is no personal identity information captured when registering. The first release will be on Android and iPhone. ID4Good is designed with third-party integrations in mind.

Reimagining Everything

Xodus4Good is the technology to empower everyone.

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