Xodus4Good FAQ


Who is Bloqs4Good?

Bloqs4Good is a technology company founded in 2019 and is presently located in Halifax, Canada. For more information, please read About Us.


What is Xodus4Good?

Xodus4Good is a technology platform for empowering individuals, creators, and SMEs to exchange value without friction. There are 5 components of the platform, including software and hardware. It’s completely free to join and get started. Find out more here.


Why does all your branding end in 4Good?

Our mission is to connect humanity and technology. We believe that decentralized technology is the key to enable individuals and businesses around the world to exchange value without barriers. Traditional centralized technology and processes are costly and proven to be less trustworthy than comparable decentralized systems. We hope to make our technology fair, sustainable, and accessible for everyone on the planet so that everyone can benefit – for good.


Is my data safe and secure when I use your products?

Absolutely – there is zero personal data collection when you join ID4Good. All transactions are processed within our decentralized blockchain network using encrypted hardware devices. There are several patent pending technologies in place that make our technology trustworthy and secure.


How do I get started with Xodus4Good?

The first step to accessing Xodus4Good product is by downloading ID4Good and creating your free account. Find out more here.


What is an NFT?

A Non-Fungible Token, or NFT, represents the ownership of an asset using a blockchain. All NFTs are unique and therefore not interchangeable. They are typically bought in sold in marketplaces like Dept. of Good as representation of digital art. NFTs are not the asset they represent, rather, they are their own unique asset.


What are assets, digital assets, hybrid assets, and physical assets?

An asset is anything with value and ownership. Traditionally, we think of assets as physical things with high monetary value, like a house. Digital assets are things with value and ownership that exist only digitally, like some pictures, music, or videos. A hybrid asset builds on both concepts. For example, the money in your bank account may appear as digital asset, but you can easily convert it into physical money at a bank machine. This is a hybrid asset since it is a digital representation of a physical object.


What are DAFs?

A Digital Asset Freedom, or DAF, stores an encrypted digital asset and the proof of ownership as one complete asset within the Bloqs4Good blockchain. A DAF is different from an NFT in the following ways:

• The original asset can only be decrypted by the owner of the DAF.

• Wide range of digital file type support.

• Hybrid ownership.

• Asset can generate revenue.

• Royalty for original creator is maintained in each transaction.

• Unique actions like lending, buying, selling, loaning and more.

• Only be minted with Wallet4Good and Box4Good.