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Where dreamers, creators, and individuals are fully empowered.

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Dept. of Good has been engineered to be intuitive and inclusive for all.
We have created a space where anyone can turn physical or digital creations into valuable digital assets.

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Dept. of Good engine empowers you to discover the true value of your creations. In just a few clicks, create stunning virtual reality displays and interact with people anywhere in the world.

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Dept. of Good Engine

Lower Fees = More Profit

Our platform is designed around peer-to-peer interactions which reduces transaction and network fees for everyone. As a bonus, we giveback part of our profit - for good.

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Empowerment at Bloqs4Good

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Limited to the first 1000 users, worth up to 18 T4G-USD, and redeemable on the Dept. of Good.

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We're creating a decentralized economy for good - where everyone can find value.


A place where creators and collectors can present, sell, and purchase digital or hybrid art.

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Dept. of Good is the destination for all creators, individuals and businesses to present, store, trade, sell, lease, and interact with the world. we create our own spaces, we decorate them, make them private or public, we can transact with full security completely encrypted and receive value with privacy or publicly. Enter a new world of virtual reality art galleries, independent retailers, artisans, services, music, digital assets of all kind.

Dept. of Good Engine will offer personalized environments and a public area for daily highlights, auctions calls, new artists, and more. For creators who want to keep privacy, an application for entry into their rooms will be available. Creators will be able to offer subscriptions for buyers’ entry and access to monthly content. Creators will be free to manage their own financial deals without any interference.

Minting, paying, and transacting is frictionless. Accepted payment methods include credit cards, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more. Dept. of Good will donate 10% of all our net proceeds to charitable partners and community organizations.

As you enjoy Dept. of Good every purchase you make will earn you loyalty Token4Good. You can save them, trade them, buy with them or donate them to one of our charities. As well with every Token4good loyalty we will be dropping Apta4Good tokens, which are pre-mined and have an unknown release date. You cannot buy them, you do not pay for them, we gift them to you because we believe one day, we will all enjoy the value that they will bring.