Own Your Data

Box4Good hardware provides full control, privacy, and security for your corporation.

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Engineered for Security

We build completely custom digital asset management platforms for corporations just like yours
we're working with law offices, medical facilities, & more. Embrace the potential of decentralization today.

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Security that goes Beyond the Cloud

All assets are fully encrypted and stored in a decentralized network – Box4Good is your secure vault and gateway.

With each Box4Good device we create, the network gets more secure.

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Turbocharged Asset Minting

Send your files from any device directly to Box4Good for minting and full encryption – no supercomputer required.

Learn how to mint in just a few simple steps.

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Accept New Digital Payment Methods

Box4Good enables your business to accept payments from crypto and digital wallets. Each Box4Good display can be extended to multiple external devices like tablets, phones, and PCs.

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The home version of Box4Good is the ultimate device for security, privacy, and storage of digital assets. The device can be used for playback of your unique digital assets. The device connects via HDMI to any external display at supports up to 4k60fps playback. The Box4Good home device is controlled from the owner of the device using Wallet4Good. All assets are fully encrypted and accessed using the decentralized peer-to-peer network. The device can serve as a hybrid-vault to digitalize the ownership of physical items.

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