Box4Good Commercial

Box4Good hardware provides full control, privacy, and security for your business.

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Designed to Empower

Box4Good is a cost-effective, intuitive, and elegant solution to connect your business to the new digital economy.

Empowerment at Bloqs4Good

Open your Doors to New Revenue

Accept crypto, digital wallets, and generate revenue for your business. Each Box4Good can be extended to multiple devices to increase your payment processing capacity!

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Crypto without Volatility

Forget conversions and clunky interfaces. Seamlessly charge and get paid in your preferred currency, and let your customers use their preferred payment method. All powered by Pay4Good.

Security that goes Beyond the Cloud

All assets are fully encrypted and stored in a decentralized network – Box4Good is your secure vault and gateway.

With each Box4Good device we create, the network gets more secure.

Get Rewarded for Owning a Box4Good

Our technology grows safer, stronger, and faster with each box – as a result, we want to reward you with a little piece of Apta4Good token for helping us out.

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Turbocharged Asset Minting

Send your files from any device directly to Box4Good for minting and full encryption – no supercomputer required

Box4Good mints up to 150x faster than other networks.

Start minting in just a few simple steps!


The commercial device is developed for SMEs to accept emerging digital currencies and digital payment methods without friction. The device can be fully customized for your business, offers unparalleled security features, and most importantly, industry shattering low fees. Additional revenue streams are also available just by owning a box. The device is multipurpose and packs the same functionality as the Home device, making it the ultimate device for security, privacy, and storage of digital assets. The device can be used for playback of your unique digital assets via HDMI to any external display at up to 4k60fps playback. All assets are fully encrypted and accessed using the decentralized peer-to-peer network. The device can serve as a hybrid-vault to digitalize the ownership of physical items.


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