About Us

Who Are We ?

Bloqs4Good was founded by Joelle (Joey) Adler and Jose Rosas. Each with their own unique skillset and background; they found common ground in their values and goals. When they met, Joey, was focusing on her new venture, Dept. of Good; an innovative platform using technology to bring niche community brands together with non-profits and local community retailers to help strengthen and empower small business and shore up communities. Jose was developing a technology company with roots focusing on decentralized technology like blockchain. Together, they recruited leaders in technology and business from around the globe and established an office in Halifax, Canada, and has become the home of Bloqs4Good.

At Bloqs4Good we are reinventing technology using a humanistic approach to empower individuals and SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises). We believe everyone should have full control and ownership of their data. We manage our business based on our personal core values of trust, integrity, and sustainability. Our vision is to create technology that encompasses our core values and is accessible to everyone on the planet.

Today, Bloqs4Good is a decentralized technology company offering both hardware and software solutions under the core tech Xodus4Good; the next generation solutions for Digital Asset Management (DAM). X4G enables consumers, SMEs, and corporations to maximize their assets, realize opportunities for new avenues of growth and profitability in the future economy, with total security and privacy.

Our Mission

We connect humanity and technology to empower individuals, SMEs and organizations to discover the freedom coming with decentralization. We bridge their journey towards success with security, privacy and ease of use.

Meet Our Team

We offer a hybrid working environment with employees all around the world.

At Bloqs4Good, we believe different perspectives lead to incredible results. We stride to create a working environment which is inclusive for all.

Pioneering the GOOD Economy

Xodus4Good is the technology to empower everyone.